Technology is our expertise.Client is our purpose.

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About us

To provide technology solutions that deliver value, we must first invest some time in order to truly understand our clients. Since our foundation in 2008, client relationships are at the core of NaviGov. We have expanded our offerings since then to answer our clients' demand for high-value solutions. We provide management consulting, learning services (training, mentoring and coaching) and software solutions.

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Our Approach

Using our client-centric approach, NaviGov provides consulting, training, mentoring and coaching services. We constantly strive to meet our government clients’ needs, from strategic thinking to optimising operational processes. We devote ourselves to understanding, from our clients' perspective, their business needs and goals. We take the time to listen. We focus on delivering value. We are eager to share our knowledge.

Our reputation as a partner for high-value services and solutions comes from our dedication to helping clients realise the benefits and business outcomes they expect.

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Our Commitment

The NaviGov mission is to build upon the two-way flow of information and ideas between our clients and us. We strive to provide solutions that answer our clients’ specific challenges, provide them with the best solution approach, and advance their employees’ knowledge and skills.

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  • Technology Management Consulting
  • Project & Programme Management Consulting
  • Cyber Security Management Consulting ​
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Check our extensive Training Catalogue for courses developed and delivered by practitioners.

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Our approach to mentoring focuses on a continued career and personal development engagement that partners a current government employee (the mentee) with a highly experienced public or private sector senior manager (the mentor).

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Our approach to coaching focuses on immediate career development challenges by evaluating the learner’s short-term needs and goals, developing a course of action to advance professional growth and work-related efficiencies, and assisting the learner through the steps needed for success.

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